"Lend a Heart and Lend a Hand - School Anthem; St. Peter's College, Colombo 4"

St Peter's College Old Boys' Union of Washington. D.C

The Washington D.C. chapter of the St. Peter's College Old Boys' Union was first established during the late 1980s. Starting off as an informal gathering of schoolmates, the group over time evolved into a formal organization, which now enables like-minded alumni and their families to gather and participate in community events and activities that support the advancement of their alma mater.

The SPCOBUWDC formalized in 2003, has grown in membership, accomplishments, and has won the respect of not only of the Sri Lankan community in the Washington D.C. area, but also the greater local communities and is now a 501-C approved charity in the USA.

Even though a formal application process is in place to become a member of the SPCOBUWDC, if one has attended St. Peter's College Colombo, Sri Lanka, one is considered a member of the organization.

Managed by an annually elected Executive Committee of five members, a secretary, treasurer and an auditor, our success is solely attributed to the active participation of the members, their loyalty to their alma-mater and its values. We are also blessed with a great group of non-Peterite supporters, mostly family and friends who enable us to re-live fond memories and teachings of our school days.
Throughout the years we have participated in many sporting events (mostly Cricket and Rugby tournaments) in the US, representing our school and its rich traditions in sports. One such tradition, the Josephian-Peterite annual cricket encounter between the two rival schools, St. Joseph's College Colombo and St. Peter's College Colombo, has been replicated here in the US for the last twenty-one years between the Old Joes of America, and the SPCOBUWDC.

During the last two decades, the SPCOBUWDC has been privileged to steer and sponsor projects at St. Peter's College, Colombo, including scholarships to needy students, funding for infrastructure development, support for sports teams, and training for tutorial and administrative staff.

Financial support for our causes have been generated through local events including formal dinner dances, pledges drives, and event-related advertising programs. The success of our past experiences have led us to pursue our next fund raising project, the Peterite Golf Classic 2012 - charity golf tournament. The proposed tournament has the distinction of being the first such event organized by a Sri Lankan alumni association in the Washington metropolitan area and is scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 2nd 2012 in Walkersville, Maryland, USA.